Doce Pares Australia is an authorized distributor of Filipino Martial Arts Equipment as manufactured by Gervince Trading, Cebu City, Philippines.

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Training Equipment

Catalogue - Body armour
Catalogue - uniforms and bags
Catalogue - Short blades and books
Catalogue - Training knives, palm sticks and spears
Catalogue - Training knives, swords and bokkens
Catalogue - Rattan sticks
Catalogue - Long blades
Catalogue - Training knives
Catalogue - Shields and dummies

Reference DVDs

  • Doce Pares Eskrima 1: Basic techniques - fundamentals such as bowing, grip, stances, strikes, angles of attack, twirling, blocks and counters, Forms 1 and 2, Abesedario, stick disarms, empty handed blocks, disarms and drills.

  • Doce Pares Eskrima 2: Advanced techniques - single stick sparring, controlled sparring, Tapi Tapi, Forms 3 and 4, controlled sparring, empty hand drills.

  • Doce Pares Eskrima 3: Advanced techniques - knife techniques, knife attacking, empty hands against knife, knife disarms, drills, locks, knife to knife techniques, disarms, Espada y Daga, Totsada y Largada, Tapi Tapi with Espada y Daga application.

  • Full contact stick fighting covering rules, stances, strikes, offensive and defensive techniques, training fighters, scoring system.

Abanico Video 1Abanico Video 2Abanico Video 3Abanico Video 4

  • Doce Pares A: Traditional form work, Forms 1 - 4, striking angles and numbering system, basic counter strikes, Abesedario 1, sinawali drills.

  • Doce Pares B: Traditional form work, Forms 5 - 8, Abesedario variations, sinawali drills, corto counter strikes.

  • Doce Pares C: Traditional form work, Forms 9 & 10, Form 10 applications, disarms and locks, twirling, sinawali drills.

  • Doce Pares D: Traditional form work, Forms 11 & 12, largo mano, sinawali drills, corto sparring, tournament sparring.

Doce Pares Tape ADoce Pares Tape B
Doce Pares Tape CDoce Pares Tape D

  • Eskrima 1: Strike/multiple strikes - blocks and disarms.
  • Eskrima 2: Locks & takedowns - stick against empty hands.
  • Eskrima 3: Double stick Disarms - multiple strike and footwork - empty hands.
  • Eskrima 4: Espada y daga - disarms & locks.
  • Eskrima 5: Espada y daga locks - random strikes - knife disarms.
  • Eskrima 6: Knife to knife - two knives.

Eskrima Tape 1Eskrima Tape 2Eskrima Tape 3
Eskrima Tape 4Eskrima Tape 5Eskrima Tape 6